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Welcome to Skape London. Skape is a Norse word for Create and defines what we do here. We constantly strive to Create and Build exceptional spaces from initial concept through to the finished product handed to our clients, and beyond in aftercare and maintenance. 

We have within our team a proven track record across a variety of Sectors such as Commercial, Leisure, Healthcare, Residential and Industrial in both Design and Build and Traditional Contracting routes. 

If Covid-19 has taught us anything it is how quickly things can change and the need to be nimble to go with it. At Skape the team we have allow us to do that for the rapidly changing needs of clients, spaces, and individuals. 

We would love the opportunity to work with you on your project so please do get in touch using the contact page on this website. In the meantime please browse through some of the photos and videos of our previous work and achievements. 



Martin Jacks

Managing Director

Skape London Ltd.

Over 25 years in the Construction Industry across a wide variety of sectors and project types. He started as a Site Engineer and keeps those exacting standards in all the work that SKAPE undetakes.


Ed Luck


A wealth of experience in Strategy and Corporate Governance with his main role having been in problem solving and finding a way forward.


Here at Skape he uses those skills to keep us nimble and our clients in considered hands for their future goals, fiscal needs and overall expectations.


Alain Schembri

Health & Safety 

& Business Development

With a background in the Royal Marines, a Scuba Diving Instructor and running a Maritime Security company he keeps us and our teams safe whilst at the same time constantly looking for more suited clients.


Toby Pocock

Chief Creative Officer

With over 20 years experience in sales & marketing initiatives within the property sector. He specialises in assisting companies with the creation and integration of digital content, strategy, branding, communication and ultimately sales.

Ingrid Stuart

Operations & Finance

With her previous experience in Global Office management she sees things as our clients would,  ensuring we consider the clients actual needs first and throughout the process. She also acts as the Financial Administrator, the crucial behind the scenes role keeping all of our projects on track.

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